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Connecting opens doors to new knowledge

WIKIHIKE is a social Wikipedia reader that allows you to share your learning experiences with people who have interests similar to yours. With a pocket encyclopedia personalized for you, take off on a journey of knowledge!

Set out to the sea of curiosities with WIKIHIKE

Build your own archive of knowledge

By searching on the words you hit on or come across in a book, you are spontaneously building your own archive of knowledge. Turn pieces of knowledge into a learning experience through WIKIHIKE.

Meet the unknown in your daily life

Launch the AR screen on WIKIHIKE and hold it over your ordinary scenery. You will be greeted with the history of a building that you always pass by, or a story behind the area that has developed over time.

Connect the learning experiences and expand your knowledge

Don’t keep your learning experience in the WIKIHIKE world only to yourself; go ahead and share it! By having fun with pieces of curiosity through “passing the knowledge around”, enjoy the connection with your friends who find your learning experience interesting.

Set out on an endless journey of learning

Explore the world
around you

A new discovery on your ordinary scenery

At a place you stopped by while traveling, search what kind of historic sites are around. Or, learn the history of the office building you usually work in or the area you live in.

Follow the information of the location shown on WIKIHIKE’s AR screen and you will see another world totally new to you, expanding within the scenery you know well.

Share your discoveries

Keep on evolving by sharing the learning experience

You wish to know the thing you don’t know. You search on it. You learn, and pass on the knowledge to the next generation. Humans have evolved through the endless repetition of such a process.

Commenting on a word you searched on for your memorandum record, and sharing your intellectual curiosity with your friends connected through Facebook and Twitter, the knowledge links from one person to another and beyond the realm of WIKIHIKE.